American National Insurance
Michael isn't worried. He has American National Insurance!
Advertising, Illustration, Photography
Dancing Groot. CGI & Retouching
Guardians of the Galaxy II
Armored Chicken
Our client asked us if we could create a chicken wearing armor. Of course, we said! And so the team went to work sketching, researching and completing the task using various imaging and CGI techniques.
Computer Animation, Digital Art, Graphic Design
ESPN College Game Day Photos & GIF animations
Lee Corso and Desmond Howard stopped by our studio for a little fun.
Beautyrest GO
The Indigo creative team developed a range of styles and directions for our client in support of their Beautyrest GO product launch. Each image has a unique style and feel while following their overall brand guidelines.
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Animation
Simon Product Rendering
CGI Renderings of the Simon Game
Advertising, Digital Art
Celebrity Imaging & Retouching: Rob Schneider
Series of promo images for Rob Schneider
Photography, Retouching, Visual Effects
Star Wars Rogue One
CGI Illustrations and retouching for Hasbro's Rogue One toy line
Illustration, Digital Art
16th Hole or Bust! Photography & Imaging
The Phoenix Open is a real party!
Photography, Retouching
Corporate Relocation Hazards
Indigo combined CGI and studio photography to bring these business challenges to life.
Digital Art, Digital Photography, Retouching
The LEGO Batman Movie CGI & Retouching
Team Indigo created these amazing background illustrations for the 2017 LEGO Batman Movie toy line.
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
Toxic Monsters Packaging Art
3D modeling and rendering
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Scorched Weed - CGI & Retouching
Indigo was asked to create a realistic rendering of a weed that had been burned but has not lost its shape. Pretty hot result!
Advertising, Digital Art, Retouching
KREO Trolls
Package art created for KREO Trolls using CGI imaging
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
CAT CGI Xray images
CGI imaging and VFX
Advertising, Digital Art
AGCO Zambia Farm
Indigo created a virtual farm for AGCO so they could get the lay of the land.
Architecture, Art Direction, Photography
One More Round at Turner Field
Indigo combined photography & CGI imaging to create this exciting image for Coors Light and the Atlanta Braves
Photography, Retouching
Simmons Cutaways and Bed Builds
CGI imaging used to reveal the product features inside and out
Illustration, Advertising, Digital Art
Atlanta Braves New Stadium Preview
Indigo Studios combined CGI and photography to bring the Atlanta Braves new SunTrust Park to life months before opening day for this Coors Light promotion.
Architecture, Illustration, Photography
Kellogg's Snack Across America
Indigo produced all the CGI imaging for the Kellogg's snack across America promotion including an illustrated logo and snackwagon display.
Branding, Illustration, Retouching
Celebrity Imaging & Retouching
Funny man Wayne Brady posed for a quick shot that Indigo transformed into multiple images.
Photography, Digital Photography, Visual Effects
Celebrities Imaging & Retouching: Ron White
Ron White
Photography, Digital Photography, Retouching
Trex Deck CGI
Images created for Trex decking.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Visual Effects
Titleist CGI development
Advertising, Art Direction, Digital Art
Play-Doh Package Illustration
Who doesn't like playing with Play-Doh? Our CGI artists had lots of fun creating this illustration!
Digital Art, Illustration, Packaging
Guardians of the Galaxy Box Art
Box art for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
Digital Art, Illustration, Retouching
Work Productivity Photography & CGI
Various artwork created using photography and CGI.
Digital Art, Photography, Retouching
Coors Light - Photography & Retouching
Various artwork for Coors Light campaigns.
Photography, Retouching, Visual Effects
Nerf Fire Vision Ignite Photography & CGI
Box art for the Nerf Fire Vision toy.
Digital Art, Digital Photography, Photography
Dinosaur CGI
Dinosaur images created for Discovery Channel Promo
Computer Animation, Digital Art, Visual Effects
Cow Barn - CGI & Retouching
3d cows
Advertising, Digital Art, Illustration
Thor and Iron Man
Logo rendering for packaging design project.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration
Anti-Smoking Campaign
CGI cigarettes created for an anti-smoking campaign. EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!
Advertising, Digital Art, Retouching
Hasbro Playmation
Characters created for Hasbro.
Character Design, Digital Art, Graphic Design
Some amazing CGI work for Transformers.
Character Design, Digital Art, Graphic Design
Titan Phone Case Photography & CGI
Artwork created for cell phone case campaign.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Photography
Coors Brewing Illustration, Imaging & CGI
Artwork created for Coors Brewing.
Advertising, Digital Art, Digital Photography
Creative Graph images
Robot spiders on skyscrapers created using CGI.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Visual Effects
Caterpillar Asia
CGI Image created for CAT Asia.
Digital Art, Retouching, Visual Effects
The Blue Man Group Imaging & Retouching
Imaging and retouching done for the Blue Man Group and Wayne Brady. Photography by Paul Mobley
Digital Photography, Photography, Retouching
Oktoberfest Art
Artwork created for beer ad.
Digital Art, Illustration, Photography
Mike Rowe Photography, CGI & Imaging
Images created for Caterpillar promotional art
Photography, Retouching, Visual Effects
Kimberly-Clark Hidden Dangers Campaign Art
Images created for Kimberly-Clark for their "hidden dangers" campaign.
Digital Art, Photography, Retouching
Artwork created for a KREO promotional poster
Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration
Star Wars Art - CGI & Retouching
Various artwork created for Hasbro toy packaging.
Digital Art, Packaging, Retouching
Nerf CGI & Imaging
Various artwork created for Nerf campaigns.
Digital Art, Digital Photography, Retouching
Valve Animal - CGI & Retouching
Three animals created with valve parts.
Character Design, Computer Animation, Graphic Design
La La World Cup Photography & CGI
Artwork done for the LALA Foods
Advertising, Photography, Retouching
Caterpillar- CGI & Retouching
Artwork done for Caterpillar
Advertising, Digital Art, Retouching
The Travel Channel Imaging & Retouching
Art and retouching done for the Travel Channel's, The Layover, starring Anthony Bourdain.
Graphic Design, Photography, Retouching
Brammo Cutaways & CGI
Some product illustration for Brammo
Coors Light Halloween - Photography & Retouching
Various art created for the Coors Light Halloween campaign.
Advertising, Photography, Retouching
Gillette Razor- CGI & Imaging
Various artwork created for Gillette advertising.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Retouching
Transformers Construct-Bots - CGI & Retouching
Artwork created for Construct-bots advertising.
Advertising, Digital Art, Retouching
AGCO Tractors - CGI & Retouching
Artwork done for AGCO
Advertising, Digital Art, Retouching
Movie Poster - Photography & Retouching
Self Promo postcard for existing clients, more fun than anything, really.
Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Retouching
Creepy Crawlers Photography & Illustration
Jakks Pacific box art
Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Illustration
Discovery Shark Week - Photography & Imaging
Ocean of Fear
Digital Imaging, Illustration, Photography
Mythbusters promotional art using photography CGI and retouching
Digital Photography, Digital Imaging, Photo Manipulation
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