What if you could pack up your showroom and send it anywhere in the world, easily and efficiently?
A company like CAT spends a lot of money on booth properties and displays for tradeshows like MineExpo and ConExpo. Here at Indigo Studios, we want to help you do it better. 
We propose that you spend less money on physical displays and start doing virtual ones. Whether it’s an add-on to an existing booth property or the primary attraction, VR allows you to build an infinite display of all your products.
Imagine a virtual elevator taking you to any product in your showroom – from dozers to drills, power systems to parts…CAT can bring everything to a tradeshow without the expense of transporting actual iron.
Indigo VR can eliminate the barriers to showing off the machinery that CAT manufactures:
—Reduced labor building sets and displays
— No logistics headaches or safety concerns in transporting and setting up heavy equipment
— No space, weight or power restrictions on the show floor
From subtle to “Star Wars,” Indigo can design your VR experience to be whatever you want. Booth visitors will not only see the exterior of your products but can also go inside to see how everything works.
And it doesn’t have to be a singular experience: While an attendee test-drives an excavator in VR, large display monitors can show what the user is seeing, and a product expert can explain what’s happening to the crowd.
Think about it. You can show more … and spend less.
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